ROCCBOX Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven Review

ROCCBOX Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven Review

When you have the correct devices and a little practice, it requires negligible exertion to make pies that are altered to your taste and cost a small amount of what you’d pay at a pizza joint. Furthermore, there are portions of the procedure that children can help with, for example, including their preferred fixings, so your entire family can bond over preparing supper.

ROCCBOX Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven Review

What’s more, however you can make hand crafted pizza in your standard kitchen broiler, a high-temperature pizza stove will help take your pizza-production to the following level by permitting you to make genuine Neapolitan-style pies.

I as of late had the chance to attempt the Roccbox Pizza Oven for as far back as two months and have made around 30 pies as of now. It makes delectable pizzas in 60 seconds, and is constantly a hit at home and at parties. The following are the subtleties of my encounters with it and why it merits the $700 venture.

ROCCBOX Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven Review

It’s formed practically like an arch, with the base on three legs that can be collapsed down for conveying or capacity. The stove can fit a 12-inch pizza, and a thermometer shows temperatures in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The broiler accompanies connections for wood-consuming and gas fuel (counting a gas hose for interfacing with a propane tank), a spread for the stove, a metal pizza strip, a container device/bottle opener, and a client manual that highlights six plans. You can likewise get more plans by visiting the Gozney site, which is the maker behind Roccbox.

Here are the measurements and specs of the broiler:

Generally broiler size width: 16.2 inches

Broiler length: 20.9 inches

Stature with legs expanded: 18.6 inches

Stature with legs collapsed: around 11 inches

Measurements of the broiler entryway: 12.2 inches wide by 3.3 inches tall

Cooking floor measurements: 12.4 inches wide by 13.3 inches down


External coat — high-heat silicone

Protection — calcium silicate

Body and legs — hardened steel

Cooking floor — built stone

Greatest temperature: 932 degrees Fahrenheit (500 degrees Celsius)

Set-up process

The Roccbox client manual is in excess of 300 pages in length, yet except if you can peruse another dialect other than English, you’ll likely just need to flip through the initial 60 pages. I went through around 15 minutes acquainting myself with the manual, which can get confounding since it’s written in a British style.

Luckily, the stove isn’t too confounded to even consider setting up and use — particularly on the off chance that you have involvement in gas flame broils.

Setting up the Roccbox took around 10 minutes. To begin with, you’ll need to pick a very much ventilated spot outside for the broiler. I picked my revealed back deck.

Next, expand the legs and join the warmth source. I fundamentally utilized a propane tank since it was advantageous, gives steady warmth, and is economical.

To begin utilizing the Roccbox, turn the handle in the back which discharges and touches off the gas. The first occasion when you utilize the broiler, you should run it on low warmth for 30 minutes to allow it to fix. From that point onward, I wrenched it up to high, which took around 35 minutes to go from 300 degrees Fahrenheit to 930.

From that point, I was prepared to begin throwing pizzas.

What makes the Roccbox stick out

Per the True Neapolitan Pizza Association necessities, a Neapolitan pizza must be cooked at temperatures somewhere in the range of 806 and 896 degrees Fahrenheit. Your normal home stove will probably just go up to 550 degrees. As a custom made pizza sweetheart, I was energized at the chance of making pizza like a genuine pizzaiolo.

Because of exhortation from Ken Forkish in his book “The Elements of Pizza,” I realized I expected to modify my pizza mixture formula to have less water. When you cook pizza rapidly, there’s less time for the water to vanish. I found that a water-to-batter proportion of about 58% was perfect (contrasted with 70% in a 550-degree stove). I notice this so you can design in like manner.

My initial two pizzas just took 60 seconds to cook.

This definite beat the 10 minutes it as a rule takes utilizing my broiler and pizza steel. The one issue I experienced was that the piece of the pizza closer to the warming component was significantly more done than the part closer to the mouth.

This was a simple fix. Utilizing the included strip and some tongs, I pivoted the pizza 180 degrees following 30 seconds and cooked it for another 30. This worked. Since the broiler doesn’t warm uniformly, this progression is fundamental.

In my testing all through the most recent two months, I utilized the stove consistently, making in excess of 30 pizzas. I even facilitated a get-together in which I likewise put Sargento’s new cheeses under a magnifying glass.

It took me an hour to make 12 pizzas all the way — that incorporates framing the batter and garnish it — however every one cooked a lot faster than that. My companions were amazed with the outcomes despite the fact that I was making some insane manifestations that gave recognition to my home territory of Michigan, similar to dill pickle pizza, Coney Island wiener pizza, and olive burger pizza to give some examples. Be that as it may, the softly scorched outside layer was likewise a hit and just a couple “pizza bones” wound up in the garbage.

I likewise like the metal pizza strip that accompanies the Roccbox. I already just had a wood strip from Pizza Royal, which is incredible for placing pizzas into the stove, yet the ultra-slender metal strip works better for moving pizzas around and expelling them once cooked. I don’t prescribe utilizing the metal strip to place the pizza in the broiler — even with a lot of flour, the batter will in general stick.

Remember however that any strip bigger than 12 inches wide won’t fit into the broiler.

Since the stove gets so hot, cleaning is really easy. There were times when a portion of the garnishes slid off as I popped the uncooked pie into the broiler and wound up wrecking at the outrageous temperatures. The main genuine cleaning you should do is brush the burner with a delicate bristled brush and wipe down the outside with warm, lathery water.

Cons to consider

Roccbox pizza stove 2

Williams Sonoma

There are a couple of cons with the Roccbox that I need to cover, however I don’t believe any of them to be major issues.

Most importantly, it’s promoted as “convenient.” Sure, it’s more versatile than your common full-sized broiler, however at around 44 pounds in addition to the heaviness of your warming source, it’s still genuinely heavy.

I’m likewise freeloaded my 12-inch Le Creuset Cast Iron Skillet doesn’t fit into the broiler as the mouth is excessively limited. I needed to take a stab at making steak in there, and I didn’t confide in any of my other cookware to endure 930-degree temperatures. In the event that you plan on purchasing the Roccbox and utilizing it for things other than pizza, it may merit getting some littler, sturdy cast-iron cookware.

The mouth of the stove likewise encounters noteworthy staining at high temperatures and turns out to be very dark, however a rep for Roccbox revealed to me this is typical. It didn’t influence execution, and I had the option to wipe away the dark tar.

The primary concern

As a custom made pizza enthusiast, having the Roccbox available to me has been stunning. It’s become a fundamental piece of my pizza-production collection.

Would it be advisable for you to get it?

At $700, the Roccbox isn’t modest.

Be that as it may, in the event that you utilize this pizza stove as opposed to requesting out, you may wind up setting aside cash over the long haul. All things considered, I figure you ought to consider purchasing this stove in the event that you love making pizza and need to take your abilities to the following level. It’s additionally an incredible alternative for facilitating pizza gatherings where visitors can get inventive with their own pies.

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